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October 23-28

Running Themes

  Everywhere The Big Community Read
This year we want everyone across Perth and Kinross reading and talking about the same book – watch the press for details nearer October.
  Internet Soutar Sessions - Billy Kay and Mary Blance
The Scots Six: the case for broadcasting the news in the auld tongue. Could it happen? Should it happen? This is a 'virtual' first for The Word's Out! Festival in partnership with the Scots Language Centre.

Monday 23 October

7:30pm A K Bell Theatre
How was it for you? - Alan Taylor
The literary editor of the Sunday Herald will share highlights – and low lights – of 25 years spent reviewing books, interviewing authors and judging prizes. Expect lots of shameless namedropping and scurrilous detail: this will feel like a long gossip with a friend! The event will particularly appeal to book groups and anyone else who has ever wanted to meet a literary king-maker!

Tuesday 24 October

7:30pm A K Bell Theatre
Author Event - Jane Harris
Jane Harris is rated as 'the next Sarah Waters'. Born in Belfast and brought up in Glasgow, she has written two BAFTA-nominated short films. Her first novel, The Observations, set in Scotland, was chosen as a Waterstone’s Book of the Month.

Wednesday 25 October

7:30pm Cairn O'Mohr Winery
Poetry at the Winery - Tessa Ransford, Angela McSeveney and Christine De Luca
An informal celebration of life and words – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry! Poetry from the ladies, with music by Ewan MacFarlane of The Grim Northern Social, plus the announcement of the TWO 2006 Competition winner.

Thursday 26 October

7:30pm Windlestrae Hotel
Crime in Kinross - Lin Anderson
One of the Scottish femmes fatales of crime writing, Lin is noted for her Rhona MacLeod series, featuring the Glasgow-based forensic scientist. She'll also be discussing Dark Flight, her next book, involving African voodoo. This will be another great night for crime fans.

Friday 27 October

8:00pm A K Bell Cafй/Bar
Open Mic - poetry hosted by Particia Ace
Come away in all you shy scribblers and share your work with a friendly and appreciative audience. Local poet and Lippy Bissom, Patricia Ace is MC for the night, with special guest slam poet Richard Medrington. Music from Andrew Finlayson and Robin Spearing (Radio 2 with attitude!).

Saturday 28 October

Soutar House
Writers' Workshop - Ajay Close
I want to write but I don’t know what to write about. Writer in Residence Ajay Close helps beginners and intermediate levels unlock the stories within them.
Soutar House
Writers' Workshop - Linda Cracknell
Short story writer and dramatist Linda Cracknell leads a session for more advanced writers. This workshop will focus on writing dialogue that smacks of real speech whilst furthering story, characterisation and dramatic tension. Participants should bring a transcript of a short piece of real dialogue that they have witnessed (the spoken words only, on no more than one side of A4).