Social Workers Have Feelings Too

by Alison Armstrong

Novel Synopsis


This completed book centres on the character of Julye Wilton, a 29 year old social worker, based in a busy social work office. It focuses on her day to day work with her clients, and the decisions she is expected to make regarding their welfare. There are also insights into her interaction with her weird and wonderful office colleagues, and her own attempts at romance.

The book follows the life of Kate, a hostile 13 year old in a residential home; the Harding family who are accused of abusing their son, when in fact it is their daughter who has to cover her bruises; and Jackie, who has to work her way through homeless hostels after walking out on her abusive father. Julye works with these clients in a variety of settings ranging from foster care to prison, and has to deal with all the emotions they throw at her.

Although the subject matter may sound heavy, there are many moments of light relief as areas of the range of human nature are explored, and an attempt is made to demystify the life of a social worker.