The Capital Club

by Ian Steven

Winner of the 2005-06 PWG President's Prize Competition


Sunday lunches were always popular with the residents of the Capital Club. Many of them liked to work up an appetite by having a swim in the heated pool, just one of the many features of this impressive complex. It was hard to imagine that only 4 years ago in 2016 this had been the home of the Scottish Parliament.

Three regulars, having been tempted to eat a little bit more than they should have, made their way to the lounge with their coffee and settled down in the comfortable armchairs in front of the log fire. All retired Merchant Navy men, they liked to relax after their meal and reminisce about the good old days.

Bob, Cap'n Birds Eye to his pals because of his white beard, sat back and looked around. "You know, we're very lucky in this place. We have beautiful flats, a great restaurant, a cosy bar and lounge, together with our leisure club AND, most importantly, a very friendly, efficient staff."

"You're right there," chimed in Arthur. "When my wife died last year, I was really lost trying to cope with suddenly living alone. So when you told me there was a flat available I jumped at the chance. And I'll tell you it's the best move I ever made."

Donald nodded in agreement. "What amazes me is just how quickly the whole thing was transformed after the referendum in 2016."

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